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'Verity Laughton, who is clearly quite the master of the craft, blowing us away with her deft and fluid ability to create a psychologically thrilling encounter all with the minimal number of brushstrokes.'

Helen Barry

Australian Stage

“A rare and pleasurable work that manages technical brilliance, cultural insight and enchantment all in one go.”

Stephen Dunne

Sydney Morning Herald

“There’s something quite magical about listening to these voices speaking to us across the generations; it evokes a deep compassion for those who were left to carry such an enormous weight of sorrow.”

Alison Flett


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Verity Laughton is a South-Australian-based playwright. Her work has been produced throughout Australia and at a range of venues internationally.


Known for her versatility, she has written mainstage drama, works for children, a musical, a number of adaptations, a range of pieces for puppets large and small, for dance, for radio, and the screen.


Her awards include several AWGIE awards for Radio and Community Theatre; the Griffin Prize; the Adelaide Critics’ Circle Best New Play and nominations for the NSW Premiers’ Prize; the Bruce Dawe Poetry Prize; The Blake Poetry Prize; the New Dramatists’ Award, the Rodney Seaborn Prize (twice); the STC Patrick White Award and the Griffin Theatre’s Martin Lysistrates’ Award.

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