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The mourning after 2.jpeg

The mourning after


Genre: Adult drama 

Duration: 95 minutes, interval

Cast: 1 female, mid years

Production details: Playbox Theatre, Melbourne, 1996, and National tour, 1997 

Interplay Productions, New Zealand, 2000

Riverina Theatre Company, NSW, 2001

Published: Currency Press, 1996, (Playbox pre-rehearsal version)

A warm, and richly comic evocation of a woman’s life and choices set in context of Australian theatrical history. Belle Doyle, a performer in both radio serials and the Australian musicals of the 50s, is alone on Christmas Day on an Australian beach. She has just buried her husband, Harry Doyle, a one-time comic dancer turned very serious bank manager. She grapples with guilt and the shades of her family to make a decision that might give her a return to passionate life.


“A powerful, playful and poignant work.”

Fiona Scott-Norman, The Bulletin, 1996


“A finely honed, even restrained piece of reflective theatre that eschews easy, nostalgic button-pushing.”

Steven Carroll, The Sunday Age, 1996


“Laughton’s very elegant piece of writing … the play holds its audience in thrall.” Samela Harris, The Advertiser, 1997


“Verity Laughton … is a crafty writer. She never once challenges the expectations of her audience. Instead, we are cradled like children …”

Colin Rose, Sydney Morning Herald, 1997


“One of the most rewarding theatre evenings in recent weeks, or months.”

Peter Morrison, the Australian Jewish News, 1997


“A beautifully written play.”

Irene Worth, Sun Herald, 1997


“Verity Laughton’s terrific play.”

Chris Boyd, The Big Issue, 1996


“An absorbing and engaging theatre experience, highly recommended.”

The Star, Dunedin, NZ, 2000

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