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Hello Maru-chan:

A world of paper


Producer: Kazenoko Theatre Company, 2003, Kyoto and tour to Australia produced by Windmill Theatre company: further tours to US (New Victory, Washington in 2006, and UK (Unicorn Theatre, London in 2007, return tour to Australia in 2006 (child and family)

Maru-chan is a little girl, born into an exquisite paper world. In this beautiful and heart-warming story about growing up, Maru-chan explores the earth, sea and sky around her, meeting many fantastic creatures and objects along the way. Combining actors, puppets and stunning Japanese design, the captivating performance reveals the many wonders of paper. [Kazenoko is one of Japan’s best-loved theatre companies for children. This production was developed in collaboration with Australian master-puppeteer Peter Wilson. Verity was writer/dramaturg for the piece.]


“The exquisite story of Maru-Chan a child created out of paper, Maru-Chan explores the three planes (earth, sea and sky), their multiple inhabitants (birds, insects, animals and objects) and the four elements (air, water, earth and fire) of her world of paper. In this unmissable piece artists from Japan and Australia explore the image-making possibilities of paper. This production beautifully reflects the importance of paper in traditional and contemporary Japanese art and life.”

Austage,  2003

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