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The Sweetest thing (2010)

A play for six actors, produced by Arts Radar at Belvoir Downstairs, directed by Sarah Goodes.


The Sweetest Thing was short-listed for the Griffin Prize, 2007, the Rodney Seaborn Prize 2008 and long-listed for the London Warehouse Theatre Festival Award in 2007, and the NSW Premiers’ Award 2012.

Published: The Australian Script Centre

Sarah is 22 and trapped in her parents’ story. Now she’s fled to New Zealand after the sudden death of her father, only to find herself in love and lust with Jim. At this point Sarah chooses just one thing; and that one thing changes everything. The play uses a fluid time frame to explore the random and unexpected turning points of life.


 ‘On the face of it, The Sweetest Thing is a beguilingly simple story, but beneath the surface are complexities and questions which speak to everyone. Moving and funny and beautifully staged, this is a must-see.’

Toby Boon, Alternative Media Group, Australia


“The Sweetest Thing is a fine and fascinating piece of work that's been given a production that matches its quiet ambitions. And the ambitions are achieved: highly recommended.’

Diana Simmonds, StageNoise

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