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Producer: Erth Inc: National Museum, Canberra; 2008; Out of the Box Festival, Brisbane; Auckland, 2008

An evocation of deep time, the making of the landmass of Gondwana using giant puppets. A show for children (and their parents!).


·      “The most impressive ‘puppet’ show we have ever seen! I took my 5-year-old son and a friend’s 10-year-old daughter and both were transfixed, as was I…Bravo to the totally black-clad actors/puppeteers, who manipulate the creatures and scenery with such sensitivity it is easy to forget they are there…a moveable screen at the front illustrates the passing of time and the process of evolution, presenting starscapes, sea scenes and dune, with a background narration that is both scientifically informative and concisely poetic, such that is doesn’t lose the young ones’ interest and creates a tangibly primeval atmosphere. The entire soundscape is impressive, including realistic and sometimes eerily primal animal sounds. The screen provides brief interludes and is moved aside for most of the show, so that we’re face-to-face with the astonishing creatures whose curiosity occasionally extends to checking out audience members…”

Sian Robertson, theatrereview, Auckland, 2008

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