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the snow queen (2004)

Producer:Windmill Performing Arts, Adelaide, September 2003. 2nd season Sydney Theatre Company, 2004.

In Hans Christian Andersen’s original, a boy, Kay, is bewitched by a mysterious and beautiful figure, the Snow Queen, who is ultimately revealed as an icy and amoral principle of rationality. She takes him to her palace near the North Pole where he is at risk of losing both his life and soul. His playmate, Gerda, sets out to rescue him.


This production is a contemporary version of that story that combines the deep structure of the nineteenth-century fairy story with a contemporary twist via the use of present-time video game manipulation video as the hook by which the Snow Queen entraps Kay.


“Verity Laughton has update Hans Christian Andersen’s 1845 fairytale with care and wit, establishing a clever, imaginative script for the 21st century…The Snow Queen is a honed and handsome work…”

Sydney Morning Herald 2004

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