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I have recently been awarded an internship loosely related to the work I have been doing for my doctorate, as in a four-month (paid! how good is that?) internship to undertake a mapping/scoping "Creative Industries/Innovation Study" of the Barossa, Mid-North and Southern Flinders Ranges regions, working with the Legatus Group (who oversee the regional councils in those areas) and a reference group consisting of stakeholders from Councils, Regional Development Australia and Industry. I/we are aiming towards a concise database of creative industries/innovation individuals, organisations and projects across the regions and a final report which will include key recommendations for supporting the creative industries sector in regional South Australia. I work with an Industry Mentor, Simon Millcock, CEO of the Legatus Group and an academic mentor, noted cultural Researcher, Dr Tully Barnett, one of the three authors (with Julian Meyrick and Robert Phidian) of What Matters? Talking Value in Australian Culture. The internship thus offers me not only the chance to work with great people and to up my research skills, but also to engage with one of the most beautiful and intriguing landscapes of Australia and the stalwart individuals who live and work there.

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