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And it’s hi to the world of Covid-19ing, mystified US election watching, bewildered Brexit bemusement and So It Goes…What to say? Will anything deal with it adequately? I don’t think so.

So…looking ahead. I’m joining yoga teacher, photographer and Vedic chanter extraordinaire, Sally Riddell for a combined yoga and writing retreat in the Flinders Ranges in May 2021 (Covid etc willing, of course, but surely then we’re okay?).

The image above is taken from a scouting trip Sally and I did in 2019. It was taken in one of my favourite places, near to the one-horse, one-old-heritage-mine town of Blinman in South Australia’s spookily marvellous Flinders Ranges. There must be a thousand stories there. I can’t wait to get back. And if someone out there likes the idea of staying in an old homestead at Angorichina, and combining storytelling, story-making, yoga, chant, walking and meditation for 6 days next May, then here is the link:

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