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Worlds of Dreams

Any short-term writing during this pandemic feels contingent as you write it. I’ve been working on a YA fantasy novel over a number of years which is predicating on an evolving ‘World of Dreams’. Each ‘World’ is dreamed by a dreamer and can be changed or threatened or, sometimes saved by the actions of those within it both macro and micro.

Right now, it feels as if we have been thrust into a new ‘World of Dreams’ where trolls rage at the head of governments and all that is most obdurately stupid in our various human societies is taking its chance for a bit of a run. And of course, the many individual and groups suffering under the onslaught of Gaia fighting back with what tools she has to reduce our numbers and impact upon the rest of her Dream.

And, like many others side-wiped by the personal impact of all this, I’m also so out of date with keeping up with what’s been happening in my own small world of work, my writing ‘dream’ if you like.

Briefly, I’m now Dr Laughton, which is a beautiful outcome for three/four years of exciting and fulfilling work. My research-led practice exegesis was: Depicting the Gorgon: the making of theatre about historic-political trauma. And the play I wrote as the case study referent for the research into my own practice is entitled Bloodlands: a Polish Memory. (And no, I’m not Polish. I’ll address that in a later post).

Amidst the Coalition government’s assault on the development of wide ranging critical intelligence, I can’t suggest enough to others of my kind to investigate the option to learn more and develop your thinking and expressing skills via a serious academic task. I had the privilege of working with wonderful mentors and guides at Flinders University. It was a really precious time in my life.

Right at the end of the doctorate period I also undertook an internship to research and report on the Creative Industries in the South Australian regions. The report is available here.

A recent Covid-19 theatre activity was to join many other South Australian writers in the Decameron 2.0 project run by the small SA theatre company ActNow in tandem with the State Theatre of SA. My effort was a monologue, Frank Kelly, performed by the wonderful Mitchell Butel, current AD of STCSA. It basically addresses what we might find to help us on our way through the savage shoals of life via (I hope!) an accessible and sympathetic character. It’s the last one in the link provided, so you get to see a range of other writers as well as my work if you want to check them out.

And for now, that will be it. Time for walking and the garden, both of which I am lucky enough to have access to in these tough times. Thank you Gaia.

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